Things to Know When Shopping for a Moving Company

Moving is a stressful event no matter how well prepared and excited you are about it. There’s the elimination of excess stuff, and then the proper packing of all things valuable. Add to that the stress of trying to determine which mover is best, and it’s no wonder you’re a nervous wreck. But, we can help by providing you with the things to know when shopping for a moving company.

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Things to Know When Shopping for a Moving Company

Steps for Hiring Movers

No doubt you are doing a lot of your research online and you may even choose to shop for a moving company that way. That’s not a bad mode of operation since most reputable companies will have some sort of online presence. However, before you settle for someone you find online, please follow these steps for hiring movers:

  1. Get a recommendation– Word of mouth, as you know, is always the best advertising available. If you know someone who has employed a moving company, ask him/her about the experience. They can point you towards a great company, or advise you against a bad one, and save you time either way.
  2. Screen your options– These people are about to be in charge of your most precious belongings. It makes complete sense to ask them a lot of questions and even meet the people who will be in charge of handling your stuff. If a company won’t let you meet its movers, avoid it. Of course, you can do a less intimate screening by researching online all the reviews you can find. Or you can visit this site to determine if they are in good standing.
  3. Get an in-home estimate– This is a perfect time to meet the movers as we discussed previously. Plus, you will be able to ascertain which company offers you the best price and the most peace of mind. It isn’t always about the cheapest option; those people may be less than cautious with your breakables.
  4. Review the estimate– You have to be sure to show the estimator everything that will be going with you. Because, when moving day arrives, if they think you are asking them to move more than was originally agreed upon they don’t have to adhere to their estimate. You can’t be forced to pay more, but that might mean you don’t get to move as planned. Just make sure everything is on the list and that the estimate reads in a way that protects you from hidden fees.
  5. Compare the bids– Once you have gotten the estimates you desired, and then take a look at what each document states. Do another check on their review scores, and then verify the licensing and insurance the companies claim to have. This will help you pick the best option for you. Learn more.

There are additional suggestions that you might find valuable, here. We recommend you read them to ensure this move is as minimally stress-inducing as possible.