Instant Checkmate for Online Shoppers

Online shopping has seen a meteoric rise in the last few years, people are finding out it’s a lot easier to see the physical item in store and decide whether it suits their needs and then go home and order it order while sitting in their pajamas sipping a cup of tea.

Being able to buy anything from literally any store imaginable without leaving the comfort of your home is an alluring concept, no waiting in long queues for hours after the holidays or going out in the rain on a cold day. However there are also downsides to be aware of.

Safety is a major concern when doing any activity online, there are people running scams and selling fake goods and it’s your job as a consumer to avoid falling for those traps. Protection for online consumers has improved over the years but as always prevention is better than cure. This is perfect for consumers who want to do random checks once in a while or checks on a case by case basis.

Instant Checkmate for Online Shoppers

To avoid any of the pitfalls mentioned above the best way to combat against cyber crime is to play them at their own game. We recommend doing your basic due diligence and going one step further and doing background check where necessary. This is important when dealing with single merchants on sites like eBay.

This is where Instant Checkmate comes in a leading piece of software for consumers and business owners to perform background checks on the people of their choice. The software is set up in an easy to understand manner. Simply enter the person’s first name and last name and their location/state. Then wait for the software to load up the appropriate information.

All information is gathered from public and government databases covering everything from addresses to phone numbers to criminal records. Then this all compressed into one easy to read PDF report covering several pre-determined points.

The software is hosted online so no need to download large files to your computer, get to work straight away. Convenient for when you’re online shopping and can pull up the Instant Checkmate tab beside it. You can be assured of the accuracy of the reports as they are cross checked with different sources.

There are several price points for different budgets and affordable options for consumers looking to do single checks without monthly expense. The first and most affordable option is a trial for just five days to try out the software for a dollar. The next option up is a PDF report with the information compiled of your chosen person for $1.99. Finally for individual checks you can purchase a premium report for $20.

Read more information on the different types of report you can get:

Next there are monthly subscription options for those who deal with merchants regularly on online stores. Starting at $22.86 for one month so you can test the software out. Then three months for $44.58 at a discount of $14.86 per month. Lastly six months for $59.16 at a discount of $9.86 per month.