How Online Drug Tests Can Help You Become Employed

The use of drug testing in the working world is common. Many public and private organizations use them as a screening tool and may require random samples to ensure employees are clean. For those looking for new employment opportunities, and may not pass these tests, the idea of submitting to a screening can be frightening.

However, much of this fear involves not knowing if your sample will come up clean. Luckily, you can purchase drug tests online that can help you find out.

Pick the Right Test

First, not all drug tests are created equal; some are more sensitive than others or may only test for specific substances. To locate a screening kit that will help you determine whether you can pass an employment drug screening, you need to locate a test designed to detect the substances you are concerned about.

Some tests are instant and while others must be sent away for processing. You can find tests that are designed to detect only one substance, such as marijuana, or multiple substances. Options event exist that focus on only illicit substances or a combination of prescription drugs.

How Online Drug Tests Can Help You Become Employed

Choose a test that is designed specifically for the substance you want checked to make sure you get a result that will help you move forward.

Understand Waiting Periods

Different substances remain in the body for varying amounts of time. Some will only show up within the first few days after taking the substance when a urinalysis-based test is used. Others can be detected for much longer. For example, hair follicle tests can go back 90 days depending on the length of your hair (click to learn more) and are harder to pass through traditional detoxify measures.

Take the time to research the rate at which the substance you used remains in the body, and use that to gauge when you should begin at-home testing to determine your employability.

Test Early, Test Often

If the substance you took remains in the body for only a few days, and your upcoming test is performed using saliva or urinalysis, wait the proper number of days and then take a drug screening at home. That way, you can determine the likelihood of coming up positive during an employment screening. If you show positive results at home, you should wait before pursuing employment. Repeat the test every few days until it shows negative.

For substances that can take longer, such as marijuana, you may want need to wait at least a week if you are a light smoker, and up to a month for heavy users. Light users should consider a home test after a week to check and see if they are cleared. Heavier users may want to wait at least two weeks before taking their first test. If the results are positive in either case, wait an additional week and retest. Once the result is no longer positive, consider exploring employment opportunities.

Don’t Cheat

Some people are inclined to try and cheat employment drug screenings. However, getting caught will likely result in your no longer being considered or immediate termination if you are employed. Additionally, attempting to fake a drug screening with a potential employer may keep you from being considered for all future openings as well. These restrictions may be managed by the employer, so exact policies may vary.