Discuss buying cat stuff online

What are the factors to be considered when buying cat food online?

When you are a pet owner, especially when you own several pets, finding inexpensive food online is one of the criteria but in addition to it, the food needs to be of good quality as well. That is why there are several factors in addition to the price which needs to be considered when buying cat food online.

First and foremost, you need to understand how to read the labels. Pet food labels usually list the ingredients based on their weight and therefore the first three ingredients count the most. If the top ingredient is a chicken meal, then it means there is more protein content in the food. Regular chicken contains 80% of water, and this alters the way the ingredients are placed on the label. However, chicken meal or beef, fish or lamb meal consists of the dehydrated products which essential mean that the pet will be getting appropriate protein.

Discuss buying cat stuff online

If the cat suffers from allergies for example fish allergies, then those cat food which state on the label “zero fish products” need to be purchased.

If the cat carries excess weight, then grain free foods are a better choice. However, in addition to being grain free, they should also be free from carbs such as potatoes and certain vegetables. However, the owner needs to understand that properly processed carbs are a good source of energy and are not necessarily bad for the cat.

The food label needs to be checked for the mandatory guarantee regarding the nutrition levels or the percentages of fiber, fat, protein and moisture.

Wet and dry foods have different standards of measurement and the same 8% of the protein in wet food translates to a lower percentage as compared to 8% of dry food. The reason is that canned food has a moisture content ranging from 75% – 78% and dry food contains just 10% – 12% of water.

Natural labels mean that the ingredients in the cat food have not been chemically altered. If the label states organic, it necessarily means at least 95% of the products are organic. If it states that it has been made with organic ingredients, it means that at least 70% of the ingredients are organic. In both cases, the organic ingredients do not count water or salt.

When choosing the flavor of the food, the first three ingredients need to be checked. If the label reads meat – you will not be able to judge the source of protein as compared to when it states “beef.”

Cat foods are marked with different kinds of labels. There are All Life Stages where the growing kitten or lactating cat’s requirements are taken into consideration, and these are higher in calories, phosphorous and calcium. On the other hand, Adult Maintenance is for healthy adult cars.

When choosing cat food, the minimum nutritional requirements need to be considered. This is usually mentioned on the label of the cat food. Also, there are foods that are fed to real pets by feeding trials. This ensures that they deliver the nutrients.

These are some of the factors that need to be considered when buying cat food online.