Month: November 2016

Find an Online Agency to Guide You Through Medicare Marketing Guidelines

Have you heard about the proposed updates to chapter 3 of the Medicare marketing guidelines? If you are involved in MA planning, these guidelines are likely to change the way you do business. In this industry, language is a big factor because the people involved have different backgrounds. Sometimes, terminologies used may be confusing. This Read More

How to Sell Things Online

There is a big possibility that you have acquired quite a large number of clutter over the past years. You could have purchased a lot of things and you are not using most of them anymore. Instead of just throwing them away, wouldn’t it be nice if you can sell the items instead? This can Read More

Why online shopping is so popular today

Technology reins today. With so many options available we can get exactly what we need by means of online shopping. Too many people are saying goodbye busy and overcrowded mall and hello, shopping from the comfort of my own home. Many people are still reluctant to indulge in online shopping because of security concerns. This Read More

How to Advertise Your Online Shop on Social Media

Everyone loves social media.  It is a place where they feel connected to one another and where they are supplied with an endless source of entertainment.  Social media is one of the best places to promote your business because to see information on a website you have to log onto each individual website but on Read More