The Top Things That Make People Leave Your Website

The internet is loaded with millions of websites.  Just about every company has a website.  This means that just about all your competitors have websites.  You may notice that a lot of your competitors are receiving tons of constant visitors while your website keeps running dry.

Internet websites in many ways function the same way as a local shopping center or store would work.  The client walks in or logs onto your site.  They browse your items and they buy what they want or need.  If a client has a bad experience in a shop or have difficulty in finding what they are looking for, then they will leave.

The Top Things That Make People Leave Your Website

The site might be too slow

Your website could have the best design and the most engaging and fun content in the entire world and it would all be a waste if you don’t have a fast performing site.  Web surfers will give a website only a few seconds to load before moving on to finding a better site.  Your website also needs to be compatible with other devices such as tabs and smartphones and should be able to load fast on these devices or your clients could leave due to frustration.

There are a number of reasons for your site to be slow; your hosting packages could be too small, your hosting service provider could be of poor quality, the content you are loading might be too big for your hosting packages or there might be too much information and junk on your website.

How to fix a slow site

The best way to get your website to perform professionally is by relying on professional help.  Some service providers like Maxcdn has fantastic deals that will not only improve your site’s speed but will also improve your websites overall functionality and visibility.  If you visit Maxcdn coupons right now, you can get 25% off on their speed performance packages.

Your design is horrid

People’s minds are already overloaded by the high volume content that is streamed to them on a daily basis.  Your site needs to be sleek in design, the colors should be light and calming and your site should never be too overloaded with information.

How to improve a horrid site

Graphic designers are expert in the field of creating well branded websites.  They also have the necessary skills to organize your website and will keep junk content to a minimum to improve the overall functionality and appearance of your website.

The content is boring

People are lazy to read, so when they actually make an effort to read, they want to read something that is actually helpful or interesting.  If you have boring articles and out of date content, then your website is a waste of their time.

How to improve your content

In this case Google is your best friend. Try and establish what type of articles people like to read.  Improve your writing style and try and make your content either useful or extremely engaging.  Alternatively you could hire an experienced content writer to provide you with fresh content on a regular basis.

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