Digital Agencies in Singapore

For those who don’t know what a digital agency is, it is a business that provides other businesses with technical and creative web based services. They are more than just a web design or web advertising agency, as they offer much more than just that. For business owners in Singapore who are looking for a Singapore digital agency, here are a few of our suggestions.


One look at their interactive website will tell you a lot about them; they know what they’re doing. This Singapore digital agency was the winner of the Asia Interactive Award, and they know that they need to up their game in order to keep up with a changing world. They provide different services for their clients, as such as online/ mobile advertising, campaign (both digital and through-the-line), flash animations/ after effects videos, and much more.

digital agency

They believe in the power of teamwork, and their methods have been effective as well, since they have worked for several big brands and corporations as such as Dove, BBC, Sony, SingTel, Mitsubishi, etc. Contact them through their unique website, and they will be sure to provide you with a satisfying service.


A Singapore digital agency that started in 2001, they have a dedicated team of people to help your business. They will present you with a one-of-a-kind service with a combination of ideas and technology. They focus on the clients’ user experience, content management, web development and digital marketing.

They begin their processes with the planning phase, and decide which solution will work best for the client. They then proceed to the design phase, where they test out what they have designed so far to see just how effective it can be. The production phase comes next, where they put their plans to action, which finally ends with management phase, where they continue to track the customers’ responses and continue to evolve. Try working with them, they might have the solution you’re looking for.

OCG Communications

Yet another Singapore digital agency, it operates in Hong Kong and Malaysia as well. They have almost 10 years’ worth of experience and have served several big brands as such as Citi Bank, Air Asia, Toyota, Smith & Nephew, GSK, Canon, Bata, Carrefour, etc. They have worked with several different industries as well, for example the medical and pharmaceutical industry, which has given them enough experience to deal with your digital problems in a simplified manner.

They can easily engage your audience, encourage participation, and create the most suitable technology for you. They offer a myriad of services, as such as digital marketing, social networking, etc. Hire them to provide you with digital solutions, and you will not regret it.

Bottom Line

Digital agencies do more than just promote a company’s products, and they can be very important in managing a company’s online activities. For those living in Singapore, they now have an entire range of digital agencies to choose from, each better than the rest.

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