Design Your Home Online

The number of online stores that allow you to purchase home décor items seems to grow every day.  Whether you consider yourself a minimalist, favor industrial design, or want to take your inspiration for the designs of Juan Pablo Molyneux, you are certain to find the pieces you need online.  If you want to design an entire room, or your entire home, by shopping online, here are some steps to help you plan.

Design Your Home Online

Start with the Big Pieces

In your living room, you sofas and loveseats often dominate the space, while your bed is the center of your bedroom design.  If you are looking to design any room, locate your largest pieces first.  They will serve as the foundation of the design, and often make the biggest statement regarding your personal style.

While some would recommend keeping the color choice of larger pieces more neutral, in case you want to have more flexibility to change your design down the road, the most important part is to pick an option you are happy with.  Some people find certain bright colors or patterns speak to them, and can provide them with joy over the lifetime of the piece, so don’t let common convention dictate your design if you are truly inspired by a bolder piece.

Handle Your Surfaces

Whether you are looking for a coffee table, bedside table, or a set of book shelves, your surfaces will help dictate the size and location of any accessories you purchase down the road.  These pieces are part fashion, part function, so make sure that they will serve the purpose you will need them to and look good while going it.  It doesn’t matter how attractive the piece is if it does not perform the job you need it to do.

Incorporate Your Colors

Color can be brought into a space through various statement pieces, such as an accent chair, accessories, and art.  An easy way to color your space while maintaining some flexibility is through simple items like throw pillows and curtains.  If you want the color to play a larger role, consider an accent chair or area rug.

Don’t be afraid of adding texture as well, as it helps bring interest into the room.  Just make sure that the texture plays the color up or down as you would like it too.

Don’t Forget Metals

Metallic elements can provide a level of sparkle and shine, serving as a point of visual interest within the space.  Depending on your preference, you may bring metal in with large pieces, such as a coffee table, or smaller accessories, like candle sticks and picture frames.

Don’t feel restricted to just one tone of metal, as some people find it enjoyable to mix certain finishes together.  Ultimately, it is about what looks good to you.

Bring in Black

Many people are intimidated by the idea of adding elements of black in a space, but it can actually help bring a room together.  It can provide a grounding element, or a point of interest depending on how it is used within a space.

That being said, it does not have to be used widely to be effective.  Treat it like an accent color, and just sprinkle a bit here and there.  You may be surprised with the results.