Decorate Your Home with Great Art Bought Online

Not every city has great sources for art. Luckily, there are a wide variety opportunities to find extraordinary art without having to leave the comfort of your home. Whether you are interested in abstract paintings, metal sculpture, or the art of Stephen Collins, you can find a variety of outlets and retailers to help you bring examples of your favorite style into your own home.

To help you in your search for amazing art, consider starting with these sites.

Great Scholarship Options for Art Students

If you are looking for one-stop shopping for almost every style of wall art imaginable, is an ideal place to start. You can search based on your preferred style, select prints of famous works, or even use your own images to create custom pieces. For those who want to find appropriate pieces based on where they will be featured in your home, you can even search based on the purpose of the room.


If you want to find one-of-a-kind options and make purchases directly from the artist, then Etsy is an ideal destination. You can find a wide selection of wall art, including paintings, photographs, and prints, as well as other forms like sculpture, glass, ceramics, and mixed media. Some artists even offer custom options, allowing you to have your favorite photograph turned into a painting, or allowing you to select a custom color pallet. Other artists are open to completely customized pieces, allowing you to commission a truly unique piece of art designed based on your specification.

Artists can create their own stores, so anyone who wants to sell their work can sell their handmade works here. That means they don’t have to be judged worthy by gallery owners first, so you may find more options than certain traditional retail stores.

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art gives shoppers access to the works of new, emerging artists from all over the world. Many of the works featured are originals, but prints may also be available at the artist’s discretion. Since original pieces are the focus, the pricing is comparable to what you may spend in galleries featuring the works of up and comers.

Search options allow you to search by price, style, medium, subject, and even color. And, when you search by color, you have more options than just the basics. For example, you can choose from three different starting greens, and then use a slider to fine tune the shade. That way, you can find works that coordinate with almost any color under the sun without having to search through every piece to do so.


Partnering with galleries, museums, and other notable organizations, ArtSpace provides access to a variety of works by artists from all over the world. Search options are thorough, but pricing options aren’t available unless you sign up with the site. However, if you are looking for interesting works from around the globe, this can be a great source for works that are guaranteed to be by the artist associated with the piece.

Other options for buying quality art also exist, but the examples above are enough to get most people well on their way to designing their home. If you want to find new options, consider searching for the specific medium to explore specialty shop options that may be available.