Buy Your Tech Toys Online

The technology industry is highly competitive, but the products can often be quite costly.  In order to get the best deal, shopping around online may help you find lower-priced options for the items you want.  Not only that, but many retailers offer price matching, allowing you to get the best deal from you retailer of choice.

If you are looking to find the best deal on your next tech toy, here is how to shop around online.

Buy Your Tech Toys Online

Start with the Manufacturers

If you know the exact product you want, start by heading to the manufacturer’s website.  Most people are so used to going to specific retailers that they often never consider seeing if the product manufacturer may actually offer the best deal.

This can also help serve as a baseline for further research, as the manufacturer’s advertised price can help you determine if a store advertising a sale is truly offering a unique discount or if the price change is across the board.

Examine Big Box Stores

Big box stores benefit from the economy of scale.  They have significant buying power within the market which, at times, gives them access to products at lower wholesale prices than smaller competitors.  Additionally, there are a few large players in this retail segment that can help encourage competitive pricing.  At times, this can lead to better pricing for the consumer.

Consider Specialty Retailers

Specialty retailers, or those that are focused on a specific product offering, should also be checked.  Their pricing is often competitive, and they may have a wider selection of in-stock products since they focus on a particular area.  For example, if you are looking for a remote control drone, you may want to look here to see what options they can offer as a specialty retailer.  While a big box retailer may have five different offerings in the category, a specialty retail may have 50.

Just like their larger counterparts, many specialty retailers and boutique stores have online shopping options to remain competitive in the larger marketplace, so you don’t have to let your physical location limit your options.

Price Matching

Once you have a wide range of prices, you can see if there are any price matching offers that could work to your advantage.  Many larger retailers have fairly standard policies regarding price matching.  This means the terms and conditions are readily available and fairly clear regarding which businesses they consider applicable to a price match request.

While a smaller retailer or specialty store may not have an official price match policy, you may be able to contact the owner or manager to negotiate the price based on your research.  While most people consider the majority of retail exchanges to be non-negotiable, this is not always the case.  Small businesses can often use their discretion regarding their pricing, especially when the owner is also the primary business operator.

In almost all cases, for a price match request to be considered valid, it must be for two identical products and the lower price must be readily available to all potential shoppers.  For example, if a 2015 model of a particular product is listed for a lower price at a competitor, but the store you are at only carries the 2016 model, the price match request may be denied.  Further, the pricing available at warehouse club stores often is not subject to price matching at other retail stores as the consumer has to be a member to get that price.