Best Times to Shop Online

This is season to spend time shopping. However, even Cyber Monday isn’t as great as its name suggests. In fact, we would like to provide you with some better options for online shopping enjoyment. It might surprise you to find that the dates we provide are, by far, the best times to shop online.

Take note of these dates and then employ the use of the calendars you can find if you click here. You can print all the monthly calendar logs you need. Then use them to plan your online shopping sprees. We know you want access to the best deals, but that’s going to require some scheduling on your part. The calendar will certainly help.

Best Times to Shop Online

Planning Your Online Christmas Shopping Agenda

Lots of people find great value in the Black Friday craze. We, however, much prefer shopping from the comfort of our own homes. We like being able to get the best deals in our pajamas. And up until recently, we believed that Cyber Monday was the way to go for all our Christmas shopping. Interestingly enough, we discovered that the dates we are about to reveal to you are just as good! Write these dates on your Christmas shopping agenda so you can be planning your online goals:

  • November 1st-11th. Early Black Friday deals show up right around this time. Use the following criteria to ensure you get the best deal though because some businesses are sneaky. If you were going to buy the item anyway, and it’s at least 20% cheaper, get it now! Make your purchases on Mondays to get in on the potential price wars that may ensue. Learn more.
  • November 28th-30th. Sites like Amazon will keep the Black Friday deals going throughout the weekend. They will even offer lightning sales in which an item is drastically reduced for a brief period of time or until it is sold out. You can get some killer deals by keeping your eye on their home page.
  • December 1st. This is Cyber Monday. You might find some retailers offering site wide deals that equate to 30-40% off. So, Cyber Monday (whatever the date) could actually prove to be quite lucrative in the sales department. Read all about Cyber Monday here.
  • December 21st-24th. If you’re looking for deals on the more expensive items, and can gladly wait until after Christmas for them to arrive, consider purchasing your TVs and furniture during this time. While this is indeed the best time to scoop up deals on these larger items, it is also the period in which they are rapidly depleted, so don’t wait too long to take advantage of the opportunity.

Please note that these dates apply to 2014. However, if you’d like to plan in advance for next year, we have added these 2017 future dates to help you do so.

  • November 3rd-13th.
  • December 2nd-4th.
  • December 5th.
  • December 21st-24th.

Putting it All Together

We have provided you with a link to print out free calendar pages so that you can properly plan your online shopping spree. And, we have supplied you with the dates in which to get the best Christmas shopping deals. We hope you will utilize all this information to the benefit of your pocket book. But, if you are looking for more ideas about saving money by shopping online, feel free to read this.