7 Essentials for a Rocking Pool Party

With the chilly winter fast approaching, many of you have surely started to miss the zesty summer that was; full of beaches, colorful drinks and of course, the summer star- pool parties! Summer may be long gone, but that does not hold you back from planning ahead and hosting the perfect pool party next year.

Inarguably, this is the season to shop. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and many other deals coming up on online shopping, this holiday season is the ideal time to stock up on your favorites in the lowest prices. Also, there are many clearance sales going on where all the summer items from this year is being disposed off in throw away prices. Hence, stocking up for that pool party next year should start from now!

7 Essentials for a Rocking Pool Party

Below is a list of must-haves compiled for the meticulous host who wants that unforgettable pool party.

Waterproof Speakers

With all the splashing going on, there is every possibility of a normal boom box or speaker malfunctioning. However, you can still pump up the volume with some waterproof options! Waterproof speakers are best for playing your favorite beats at the party.

Cool Pool Floats

Gone are the days of the boring rubber tires or rafts at the pool. At your next party, why not go for some pool floats that are out of the ordinary? There are many whimsical designs to choose from such as watermelon slices, pretzels, doughnuts etc. These are sure to make a statement!

Paintball Guns

Whoa easy there! If you are not afraid of a little colorful mess at the pool, go for an all out paintball fight. This will get everybody up and running for a party full of fun and frolic. To buy the best paintball equipment, this website is a great place to look.

Waterproof Phone Case

This one is for the host or the official party photographer- you need to let the world know how much fun your party was. Having a DSLR photo shoot at a rather splashy pool party is never an option; hence get your phone to do the job in a waterproof phone case. Keep calm and Instagram!

Floating Fridge

Instead of making guests go inside the house every time they need a drink, get a floating fridge to do the bartending. Simply use a pool float with an inner compartment, load it with ice and keep the cold drink bottles cool throughout the party.

Party Favors

Have some cool stuff to hand out as party favors, such as colorful towels, mini colored sunscreen bottles, some glittery flash tattoos or even customized sunglasses. These items will be available on sale this time around.

Decoration Pieces

Any great party is all about the décor. Have some noodle garlands, funky string lights, snow cone garlands, balloons etc. hanging to make things look great. Take things an extra mile by organizing a rave pool party at night with great music and lots of neon lights! Fill the pool with glow in the dark balloons for that extra oomph.

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